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About Us

Add: 2/FL., Building 1, Baowei Science Park, 3003# Xinluo Street, High-tech Development District, Jinan, 250101, China
Contact: Estella Li
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E-mail: info@baekeland.cn

Jinan Baekeland Plastic Products Co.,Ltd

1.Our History

Benefiting from the novel thinking model of the young pioneers, the Company has formed a unique development patternsince its establishment more than one decade ago, and it has always maintained keen perspectives on market, technology and Internet. In 2016, the business scope of our Company reached USD 20,000,000 thousand, with daily supply capacity reaching as high as 50 tons. 


2. Our Factory

Jinan Baekeland Plastic Products Co., Ltd is an integrated export enterprise specialized in the production, processing and exportation of plastic bags and plastic packing products. 


3.Our Product

The main products include: stripe bag, vest bag, die-cut bag, water bag, food bag, patch handle bag, garbage bag, degradable bag and all kinds of woven bags, compound bag and loop bag, etc.


4.Product Application


Stripe bag

Both the color and width of thecolored strips can be customized on demands

Vest bag

As many as 8 colors are available, and company logo can be added if so required

Die-cut bag

Multi-color bright printing, customizable on demand, logo addable


Food bag

100% brand new materials for production, food-grade certification, safe and reliable quality

Patch handle bag

Greatly improved strength and durability, bright color, customizable on demand, logo addable


Garbage bag

Great varieties, including loop-type, stringing type, eight-fold type and flat-headed type, etc., providing convenience for your life.

Woven bag

Strong, durable, and widely used in industrial, agricultural and husbandry sectors, etc.


Better transparency, more bright printing, easy-to-hang or sealable types can be customized on demand


5.Our Certificate

1 Accurate Identification of Demands 

Quantification: By conducting professional test for the samples provided by customers, we quantify the customer’s demands to ensure that there is no misunderstanding or deviation involved during the whole processes. 

Fig. 1 Tensile test

Fig. 2 Shock resistance test


Fig. 3 Elongation test

Fig. 4 Customer service personnel makes detailed record and communicates with customers about their demands

2 Production Quality Control 

Routine test items: Including size, weight, printing, tensile force, shock resistance and elongation, etc.

User experience test: Assess the product performance from practicality

Mixing: Random inspection of material quality during themixing process

Film blowing: Random inspection of film thickness and width.

Bag making: Full inspection during this process

Routine test items

After production completed, sampling inspection.

Accountability system: Ensure valid quality control

6.Production Equipment

The company's overall financial strength, advanced production technology, advanced production equipment imported from Germany dozens of Taiwan and a higher production capacity. Our company has blown film machine, high and low pressure blown film machine, PP blown film machine, 2 layer coextrusion blown film machine, 3 layer coextrusion blown film machine, bag machine, eager machine, cold cutting machine, roll bag machine , Automatic vest bag bag machine, eager edge sealing bag machine, printing machine, bubble film machine, punch machine, punch, slitter and other products the number of plastic bags production equipment, in a short time to complete customer orders demand




7.Production Market

I. Professional  

Dedicated: Only dedicated to plastic packing-related products. 

Committed: 15-year experience in production and international trade, committed to the industrial research



Jinan Baekeland  Plastic Products Co., Ltd
Jinan Baekeland  Plastic Products Co., Ltd.was founded


The companywas renamed Jinan Baekeland  Plastic Products Co., Ltd, focusing on the production and sales of plastic packing.


Started to engage in the production of plastic bags


Established new standardized production plant

8.Our service

4 Transportation

1.Commitment for time: On-time delivery is one of the important principles upheld by LGLPAK, and it also shows our maximum respect for customers’ interest. 


Production schedule

Production progress tracking

Advance ship chartering or space booking

Cushion time

Online inquiry and tracking

Progress notification through e-mail

2.Scientific, Reasonable and Graceful  Loading

Loading more: We try to load more goods as much as possible within limited space to greatly cut down the transportation cost for customers.