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EnvironmenT-friendly Bags

Environmen T-friendly Bags should have two definitions, one on the one hand, which can be reused from natural materials, and the other on the other, that it will not leave solid waste in the natural environment and cause harm to the environment (or The damage to the environment is small compared to other materials).
Generally, plastic bags are difficult to degrade after being discarded in the environment, and even if a small amount of decomposition occurs, harmful substances are generated. The environmental protection bag can be used to avoid such environmental pollution.
The so-called eco-bags generally mean that the materials they are made can be naturally degraded, and the time to be degraded is not too long. At the same time, the bags that can be used repeatedly can be called eco-bags.
How to identify non-toxic and toxic non-environmental bags?
Sensory test method: non-toxic non-environmental bag is milky white, translucent, or colorless and transparent, flexible, hand-lubricated, the surface seems to have wax; toxic non-environmental bag color turbid or pale yellow, feel sticky.
Water detection method: Put the non-environmental bag in the water and press it into the bottom of the water. The non-toxic non-environmental bag has a small proportion and can rise to the surface. The toxic non-environmental bag is heavy and sinks.
Jitter detection method: Grab the non-environmental bag with one hand and shake it with force. The person who makes the crisp sound is non-toxic; the voice is toxic and toxic.
Fire detection method: non-toxic polyethylene non-environmental bag is flammable, the flame is blue, the upper end is yellow, it is dripping like a candle tear when burning, there is paraffin smell, less smoke; toxic PVC non-environmental bag is not flammable, It is extinguished when it leaves the fire, the flame is yellow, the bottom is green, softening can be drawn, and there is a pungent odor of hydrochloric acid.
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