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Many Different Types of EnvironmenT-friendly Eco Bags

A kind of through the sunlight, the case of wet can quickly melt the plastic bag.

Product Details


Environment-Friendly Eco bags 

A kind of through the sunlight, the case of wet can quickly melt the plastic bag. The national environmental protection product quality supervision and inspection center of the test, the product of all indicators meet or exceed the national quality standards, with health, non-toxic, non-polluting and other characteristics, is currently the most advanced environmentally friendly products. This biodegradable plastic bag, using non-toxic polyolefin resin, adding degradation agent and other raw materials production. It came out to bring hope for the reduction or elimination of white pollution.


Other name: water bag / food bag / flat bag

Size: 20 * 30 cm

Thickness: single-sided 8 mic

Weight: about 17 kg/sack

Quantity: 20000 pcs per sack

Material: HDPE

Multi-color optional

This flat bag we have three colors: blue, yellow, clear. Surely we may provide other colors if you want.

blue flat bag.jpg


yellow flat bag.jpgExquisite packing with printing
You may choose PE PP OPP bags to pack the flat bags, any printing we can provide.


High quality

This kind of flat bag can be used for water, oil, and other liquid.  It has the advantage of firm and non dripping

flat bag.JPG


water bags.JPGProfessional package
Packaging beautiful and tidy, we can load more flat bags in one container, one small container can be loaded 20tons with this kind of flat bag .



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