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Difference between food packaging and consumer goods packaging

- Mar 21, 2017 -

To enhance product quality, to promote their sales, good packaging design than necessary. Different packaging, packing form and style vary. bring everyone together to meet, we commonly two types of packaging: differences between food packaging and consumer packaging.

First, we from the material structure to compare: food packaging are food, health and preservation of its packaging requirements are very stringent. Daily consumer goods, General packaging requirements are not very strict, because the nature of the product is stable, tend to choose packaging is relatively simple, not as complex as food packaging.

In terms of design, design difference between the two is relatively large. It can be said. Food packaging and consumer goods packaging the biggest difference is that: food product attributes at the same time, must express its appetite and perceptual associations, which means that food packaging must be able to produce taste hints of role, in order to create more attractive, promote consumer spending. Implement basic principles of taste in food packaging design is "synaesthesia". "Synaesthesia" popular explanation is that it will be difficult to explain the situation to other comparable forms of statement. Psychology in other areas caused by a sense of feeling is called synesthesia. In other words, the purpose of food packaging, is to enable consumers to see a food packaging to packaging in the food taste and quality of good associations and expectations.

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