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How to customize plastic bags?

- May 08, 2017 -

 To customize plastic bags, we need to know the required specification listed below:

Ø  Size (Please view the below info for measure the size)

²  Width

²  Length

²  Gusset

How do I measure a bag? In its most bare form, a flat bag is measured by simply identifying the value of the width and length. The formula is written as “W x L.” It is important to note that the width MUST be written first so the manufacturer will know where the opening needs to be.

If the bag consists of an additional component such as a header or lip, the value is placed after the length with a letter representing the component. For example, a bag with a width of 6”, length of 8”, and lip of 2” would be written as “6 x 8 + 2L.” In this case, “L” would represent the word “lip.”

How do I measure a bottom gusset bag? Bottom gusset bags are written virtually identical to flat bags. The only important thing to remember is writing the gusset value after the length value. For example, a bag with the width of 9”, length of 12”, and bottom gusset of 4”, would be written as “9 x 12 + 4BG.” “BG” would represent the word “bottom gusset.”

How do I measure a side gusset bag? Side gusset bags are a bit more complex than bottom gusset bags because of the way they’re manufactured. A side gusset bag is essentially a flat bag with its bottom corners folded in and creased along the sides. In other words, when they’re being manufactured, they begin as flat tubing with the side gussets folded in later. This is important to note because there is an added dimension – the gusset’s width. Follow these steps to measure a side gusset bag:

  1. With the gussets folded in, measure the face of the bag.

  2. Open the folds so the gussets are fully extended. Measure the      gusset size.

  3. Measure the length.

The formula for a side gusset bag is “width + gusset width x length.” For example, a bag with a width of 20”, gusset width at 10”, and length of 30” would be written as, “(20 + 10) x 30.”


Ø  Thickness for one layer - What is a micron?

²  Micron is shorthand for micromillimetre (mµ). 

²  1 millimetre = 1,000 microns. 

Ø  Weight


Ø  Printing design - #of colors on front side & #of colors on back side

²  How many colors of design on front side

²  How many colors of design on back side

²  The CMYK or Pantone # of the color


²  The color on front side is 3c, that is pink, grey and black

²  On back side, the printing design is 3c, pink, grey and black

Totally, there are 6colors of printing



Design show:

1c/1s  2c/1s

Ø  Required packing– how to pack (we can also suggest to you)


In Carton In sack

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