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How to distinguish pp woven bag is mixed with recycled?

- Mar 21, 2017 -

Many of PP woven bag is mixed with recycled does not know today to talk about a way to distinguish whether recycled pp woven bag:

First of all, from color to distinguish

Added recycled pp woven bag has a black case, and depending on the amount of recycled materials, there is a different color, renewable material, the more, the darker the color, and if you add less, renewable materials producing high quality pp woven bag appearance and low pressure produced almost no different, so it is difficult to distinguish.

Secondly, from the smell to distinguish

Pp woven bag because there is no renewable, nonpoisonous and tasteless and therefore looks very white and very clean, and recycled pp woven bag has a pungent smell, add a little, the taste is lighter, and this is one way to distinguish is involved in raw materials. Especially when used to hold food, certain news does have a special smell.

Finally, differentiated from the tensile strength and endurance

Typically, renewable materials produced in pp woven bags patience is very poor, very low tensile strength, able to say is simple to break, and normal channels of production of PP woven bag not only has high tensile strength, and it is not a simple break, even mount overweight items can persist for some time. Once professionals have done experiments, items of the same weight, certified pp woven bags to load for a long time, participating in recycled pp woven bag in the bag is not broken only on the premise of three hours.

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