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- May 08, 2017 -


After more than a decade of development in the industry, we havedeveloped a complete set ofprofessional product manufacturing processes for brand owners, and are fully capable of delivering precision service for customer brand operation.

l  Listen to Customer Needs

Brand owners are in possession of their own brand logo, product design and strategic marketing position. We are expected to have a good command of customers’ market positioning and brand concept. For this purpose, the marketing personnel might firstlyfully communicate with the customers and even make a field visit (if necessary) to learn about the brand products’ colors, quality requirements, packaging requirements, packaging materials, appearance requirements as well as unique characteristics distinct from the similar products of other brands, so that we can accurately capture the customers’ requirement and imagination for the products, and provide the most desirable products at the terminal of production line.

l  Pre-production Sample Confirmation

Different from the conventional MTO (make-to-order) production, OEM requires us to carry out production strictly in accordance with customers’ requirements. We must firstly provide complete samples for customers’ confirmation to ensure that our understanding of their requirements is correct and accurate. On this basis, we will convert customers’ requirements into professional industrial language, which will then be passed on to our production director who is responsible for preparing sample production application documents. These documents that carry the data regarding the product quality information, formulation, color and packaging material will be distributed to corresponding departments for coordination and cooperation. The whole process is completed on our ERP workbench to guarantee the accuracy of all the production data.




In the production link, we have experienced producers that are capable of producing samples strictly as required. We also have ample and sufficient raw materials available for the selection of production department to ensure the efficient production of products with high and stable quality. Upon the completion of samples, we will firstly collect data and take pictures for the confirmation of the business personnel. After confirmation, the samples and sample data reports will be organized and delivered to the business personnel, who will proceed to contact and negotiate with customers.

l  Streamlined Production

Our preparation of production plan and procurement of packaging materials and other auxiliary materials won’t be started until receiving the formal confirmation from customers. To ensure that both the production progress and quality standard are in line with our commitments to customers, the production supervision department will supervise the production progress and monitor the quality status at each time node.




The whole record process will be stored into the backstage database of the company, which is retrievable for review at any time in the following period.




During the production process, the businesspersonnel of our company will keep track of the order progress and report it to customers at any time.In the meantime, pertinent and detailed explanationwill be provided regarding the main concern of customers to ensure that our production operation is precise and accurate. Also, we react immediately to all the new requirements and questions raised by customers to satisfy customers’ requirements to the maximal extent.


l  Tripartite Inspections for One Product—Ensure Product Quality

We have formulated strict qualityinspection process for the production link via “tripartite inspections for one product”, i.e., the on-site inspection personnel carries out inspection before packaging; the quality control director carries out high-percentage sampling inspection for the products of the day before they are warehoused; the quality control supervisor carries out casual inspection for the warehoused products according to the daily record of sampling inspection. Owing to the tripartite inspections, the qualification rate of the products has reached above 99.3% in the past three years, and we have received wide recognition and approvalfrom customers. 



l  Logistics Support

Our company has established long-term partnership with international shipping companies and our shipping department has rich experience in marine logistics. With the coordination among different departments, we are capable of responding to customers’ freight requirements in a timely, accurate and satisfying manner.

l  Aftersales Service Facilitates Us to Establish Long-term Partnership withCustomers

We attach great importance to theaftersales service. The product delivery and payment collectionshall never mark an end of our efforts. We havealways considered it an unshakable responsibility for us to help customers to deal with product-related problems arising from the distribution process, and provide customers with efficient after-sales service and support to ensure their normal distribution. What’s more, we are also ready to collect customer’s feedback for our products so that we can make effective improvement in the following production. These practices allow us to make constant improvement on customer service and products, and establish long-term and stable cooperation with customers.





l  Provide Customers with Complete Original Design Manufacture (ODM)

To better meet various demands of customers, we are committed to providing customers with a complete set of product design and marketing schemes backed by our years of OEM operation experience and great efforts made towards product design and R & D. On the basis of fully understanding customers' target market requirements through sufficient communication, we will provide customers with a complete set of product design schemes that best meet their demands.


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