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Plastic bag manufacturers need to take the Green road

- Mar 21, 2017 -

Internet "suggested that some of the development has changed the marketing mode of enterprises, more and more products were pushed on the Internet sales platforms, are more and more products via the Internet to the country. Increased number of export products, enterprise sales model no longer simply confined to domestic, export packaging, packaging to use bags.

Packaging market in our country is the industry leader in sales accounted for more than wheat flour packaging, packaging transportation of chemical products, there are special products of export packing bags are used. Plus, more and more enterprises to pay attention to foreign markets, the Internet channel widening, exponentially increases in use of the bag.

Survey data show that the plastic bag manufacturers, has as many as 60,000 at home, reached a certain scale manufacturers only around 2000, access to certain production certification less than 1000 manufacturers, it means that a large portion of plastic bag manufacturers did not meet production standards. Turns out, not up to production standard of manufacturer's product does not have any competition.

Plastic bag manufacturer in the future path is very difficult, particularly in recent years, development of environmental protection, the Government Department for illegitimate manufacturers to give a harsh blow. According to the related policy analysis, plastic bag manufacturer and only environmentally friendly production this way, otherwise, the enterprise's future development is worrying.

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