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Plastic bags

- Mar 21, 2017 -

Plastic bags are essential to people's daily lives, often used to hold other items. Because of its cheap, extremely light weight, large capacity, easy storage are widely used, but because plastic bags degrade cycles very long, processing difficulties, shortcomings are part of the national prohibition of production and use.

Plasticity of the Cybertron found nitrocellulose, and used it to make the impervious. He was interesting, it might make some beautiful rice bowls, cups, bottles and teapots. He admired his masterpiece, especially famous scientist Michael Faraday wrote to his friend the windfall. But Faraday does not care, until the emergence of a photographer. Photographer yalishanda·pakesi has many hobbies, photography is one of them. In 19th century, people won't be able to buy like today's photographic film and chemicals, what must often make their own needs. Each photographer must also be a chemist.

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