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Plastic products factory tutor we plastics how to properly recycle

- Mar 21, 2017 -

At present, is widely used in the food industry of plastic packaging is marked 1 of plastic bottles, such as drinking water, beverages, condiments, cooking oil and plastic packaging is dominated by this. For different types of food, these plastic bottles of soft and hard and different, such as a plastic bottle of drinking water, the bottles are generally softer, and functional beverages, the bottle harder, although they use the same PET material.

In everyday life, the main use of these bottles are used to hold the water, oil, etc. As people usually go out campaign will drink bottled some water, some more hard drinks bottle with boiled water is no problem. Many people think that bottle recycling more environmentally friendly, but some deformation of soft pour the bottle of water cannot be used.

Food-grade PET bottles does not withstand high temperatures shall be used at low temperatures, generally below 70 degrees is safe to use. In addition, these are single-use plastic water bottles, State enterprises or collected and shall not be filled. As well as experts, plastic bottle washing is difficult to reuse breeds a lot of bacteria.

In other words, people think that since has been reusing plastic bottles more eco-friendly idea is errors, perhaps even giving it to the healthy lay hidden. Therefore, every consumers need to see the plastic bottle triangle callout numbers, in the case of mastering the material properties of careful use.

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