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Popular Waste bags and Sacks

- Apr 28, 2017 -

Black Refuse sack range: These bags are slightly larger than the garbage bags. They are also used to collect garbage. A medium density blend gives great puncture resistance despite being much thinner and so much cheaper for you!

Refuse, Dustbin and Wheelie bin sacks: These bags are used with garbage bins for collection of garbage. Sturdy and strong, they are available in Black, Blue, Grey, Green and White Colour. Enables instant identification of bag contents. Leak-proof: protects against messy spills. Waste bins stay clean and sanitary.

Extra strong Aggregate sacks: The heavy duty household rubbish bag and the ultimate tough aggregate sack guaranteed to hold 40kg. Ideal for bagging builders rubble, gravel, sand, soil etc. Extremely strong: hard-wearing and puncture resistant, can be used many times.

Pedal, Square and Swing bin liner: Liners for every shape of bin. Normally in a thin white material but also now in a clear bag for contents identification.

Special waste sacks: Specialist bags for recycled and hazardous materials. Gardeners use the green recycling sack and the wheelie bin liner. Also includes extra thick Asbestos and Clinical Waste sacks pre-printed with the correct statutory information.

Biodegradable waste sacks: Ideal to help towards a better environment. Biodegradable waste sacks will biodegrade in your compost or in landfill.

Clear waste bags: Medium to Strong clear polythene bags that enable instant identification of contents. Ideal for separating products or materials for recycling.


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