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Shape and usage of plastic packaging

- Mar 21, 2017 -

Has a called double packaging bags of design, two a packaging has of liquid bags with a strength is low of film even in with, using Shi, with hand put two a plastic packaging bags playfully in with, results makes connection film rupture, two a bags in the of liquid from rupture at outflow, both convenient and can not need hands, just a only hand put two a bags overlap in with extrusion on can edible.

By research, soft packaging pocket of damaged rate with longitudinal/horizontal between size than has must of relationship, if put longitudinal/horizontal size of than for 1 o'clock of broken bags rate for 1 words, is longitudinal/cross size than for 1.08 Shi broken bags rate for 1.3, dang longitudinal/horizontal size than for 1.15 Shi, broken bags rate for 1.53, longitudinal/horizontal size than for 1.20 Shi, broken bags rate for 1.55, longitudinal/horizontal size than for 1.3 (Shi, broken bags rate for 1.80, then curve more flat, again improve longitudinal/horizontal size than Shi, Broken bag rates close to 2.0. This shows that the same vertical/horizontal dimensions, can prevent the bag-breaking rate increase.

And unbalance of the vertical/horizontal dimensions of the smaller, customers bag vision of better, sealing width of the smaller display better, but the fastness to heat seal the worse.

For this reason, when designing a flexible plastic packaging, in addition to materials, structures, patterns, text, publications, and on the shape of the bag, seal cutter width and seal Knife Sheath, bags of easy opening designs and vertical/horizontal dimensions of bag should be taken seriously, in order to have the best packaging result.

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