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The choice of plastic garbage bags

- Aug 01, 2017 -


The first to buy "can be installed", because the general garbage bags can only hold 2/3 of the capacity. And then loaded on the mouth can not be received, is not conducive to garbage clean, the choice of "automatic collection of garbage bags, garbage bags can take full advantage of the capacity of space, you can install more garbage, and thus less plastic bags.

The second to garbage bags in two designs, one is flat, one is octagonal bottom. Flat-bottomed design of garbage bags, large capacity. Octagonal end of the multi-point bearing more force.

The third label using high-strength PE pure new material, than only the second recovery of the bag body is more stretch, more flexible and durable is not easy to puncture. Precautions

The fourth to choose to facilitate the collection of garbage bags, so that is conducive to the treatment of garbage. If the garbage bag is easy to break, it is not easy to close, environmental protection workers in the disposal of garbage when scattered, is not conducive to environmental protection.

garbage bag

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