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The manufacturing process of high temperature cooking bags

- Mar 21, 2017 -

High temperature cooking bag is a heating process of laminating plastic film bags, it has the advantages of canned both the container and boiling water resistance of plastic bags. Cooking bag in the world today, most are made of dry compound method, the handful of solvent-free compound can also be used by or co-extruded compound method to manufacture. Dry compound of higher quality than solvent-free compound, the permutations and combinations of materials are reasonable and widely than coextruded composite, also more at ease. In China, the current 100% of the cooking bag is dry compound method is used to create, so I will only talk about the dry compound manufacturing process.

First is the selection. According to the end use of the cooking bag to determine what material, what combination, use what kind of inks and adhesives. The so-called end-use refers to what kind of food is to wrap the bags, package weight is. Packaged to withstand much higher temperatures (121, 128 installed, give the bag a reasonable price. So, figuring out end use it is important. Determination of process parameters is. Having established the base material and auxiliary materials, you can order to workshop production. As a workshop production technology management and operations personnel, and must be in strict accordance with the technological requirements to get the branch, recipe cards, don't make a mistake.

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