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How To Measure The Garbage Can To Get The Size Of Garbage Bags

- Jun 09, 2017 -

Different Types of Sizes, Colours of Garbage Bags

a)         Size

Garbage bags come in more varieties than you can imagine. You can get them by gallon, dimensions, thickness, and colour. The smallest garbage bags can generally hold 10-25 litres and the largest ones can carry about 350-370 litres. If you have an exact size in mind, you can buy them by dimensions instead of volume.


And size isn’t the only parameter – you can select them by their thickness as well. Most vendors sell them in three categories – regular garbage bags, tough bags, and heavy duty bags. Let’s break them down for you:

Regular: These bags are used for regular household or office garbage. A 30 litre regular bag can hold about 5 kg dry weight.


Tough bags: They are generally used for industrial applications and offer better puncture and tear resistance. These bags are used to hold sharp objects like needles and glass shards.

Heavy duty bags: These bags can carry heavy loads and they are thicker than regular bags. They can hold more weight and are also used in industrial applications.


b)        Thickness

If you want to use a garbage can liner for regular kitchen garbage, 0.90 mil would work fine. And if you want it to hold sharp objects, you would need a thickness of over 1.5 mil.

c)         Several colors

Garbage bags come in a variety of colors, but the most commonly used colors are black, white, tan, and clear. Many other colors such as blue, red, green, etc. are used for identification purposes.

Many people choose to use clear garbage bags to help them identify any object in the bag that may need to be recycled or saved instead of discarded. At many events, the garbage can liners will be clear to help identify any potential threats or materials that should not be discarded.

Other people and companies choose to use opaque garbage bags for the opposite reason people use clear bags. They do not want people to see the contents of the bag. Opaque bags can also help detour UV rays from breaking down the contents of the bag. Others choose to use an opaque bag simply so they do not have to see the waste contents inside.

How to measure the garbage can to get the size of garbage bags




Looser fit: add 1”-2” to this number for the flat width of the bag.

Gusseted can liner: add the width plus the depth (or plus the gusset). That will eaqul the flat width of the bag.

For example, a 16”x14”x36” is the same as a 30”x36” bag.

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