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The Classification And Advantages Of Environmentally Friendly Plastic Bags

- Jul 18, 2017 -

Environmental protection bags, generally refers to the production of materials can be naturally degraded, and the degradation time is not too long, at the same time, you can also repeat the use of bags, we can call it environmentally friendly bags.

Environmental protection bags are collectively, the specific material can be divided, classified as follows:

1, non-woven bags of environmental protection

2, linen class of bags

3, paper bags of environmental protection

4, ordinary cloth of the green bags

The four major advantages of using environmental protection bags

1, green environmental protection: the use of environmentally friendly bags can greatly reduce the use of plastic bags, a significant reduction in the proliferation of white pollution;

2, excellent performance: the environmental protection bags in strict accordance with the relevant national environmental standards, the use of environmentally friendly processing materials made of its degradation capacity is also better than other materials. And the life of this bag is much longer than the paper bag;

3, recycling: This environmental protection bag has a soft, wear-resistant features, both can be folded into a variety of forms, but also can be recycled, the normal use of more than 10,000 times;

4, beautiful and versatile: the  bag printing exquisite, moderate size, versatile. This kind of  bag can be loaded with a lot of things, such as fresh food, clothing, toys, documents, etc., can be installed.

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