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China To Issue Plastic Banknotes?

- Mar 21, 2017 -

On March 4, in the first group of the CPPCC meeting, Yi gang, a Vice Governor of the Central Bank two and pan gongsheng, plastic notes sounding at the same time, China has also issued plastic notes?

Plastic banknotes is not unfamiliar to many friends, was released on November 28, 2000, the people's Bank of China "meeting the new century" 100 Yuan plastic commemorative set, many friends abroad using plastic money. Can you tell me the advantage? reporter just picking a few key, for example:

A is and paper note compared, it more difficult forged and imitation; II is using life is notes of 4 times times; three is than up let people not assured of paper note, it easily contaminated bacteria, and easy to dirt disinfection, and easy recycling; four is integrated economic good, due to it can recycling, and was called "green notes"; five is easily tear or damaged......

People's Bank of China released in 2000 "meeting the new century" 100 Yuan plastic commemorative

Two Deputy Governors touched on three key points

We'll see how two Deputy Central Bank Governor said.

Yi said, although currently there are no full release in China plastic notes, but it can be said that Chinese plastic notes capability in research and development, are very advanced.

Pan gongsheng, say, for the research of Chinese plastic notes, banks are specialized departments are doing, but when no timetable.

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