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Development Prospects Of Environmental Protection Bags

- Jul 15, 2017 -

China's environmental protection industry, the overall size is relatively small, its boundaries and content is still constantly expanding and rich. With the development of China's social economy and the adjustment of industrial structure, the direct contribution of China's environmental protection industry to the national economy will be greatly changed, and it will gradually become an industry to improve the quality of economic operation, promote economic growth and improve the economic and technological grade. Industrial chain will focus on the expansion of the direction of clean technology, clean products, environmental services, etc., the concept of China's environmental protection industry will also evolve into: "environmental industry" or "green industry."

China's environmental protection industry is expected to maintain an average annual growth rate of 15% -17%. The key areas of environmental protection investment include water environment, atmospheric environment, solid waste, ecological environment, nuclear safety and radiation environmental protection and environmental capacity building. In 2010, the total annual income of environmental protection industry will reach 8800-10000 billion yuan, of which the comprehensive utilization of resources output value of 660 billion yuan, 120 million yuan of environmental protection equipment output value, environmental services output value of 100 billion yuan.

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