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Green Candy Wrapper Design

- Mar 21, 2017 -

With the development of human civilization and social progress, packages from birth to the present, as part of the product itself, its importance is obvious. Candy wrapper in a candy store, transport, sales, security, security plays a crucial role. First, packaging of barrier sex can prevent Sun, and air water of erosion, prevent candy complex variable, and deliquescence, and oxidation, while also keep has candy due of gloss, and flavor, and form; second, candy packaging of advertising effect in candy sales process in the up with not underestimated of role, novel unique of packaging can attract consumers of eye, stimulus target consumers of purchase desire, improve candy products of can perception value; again, packaging guarantee candy from production, and transport, and Shelves to the ultimate consumer safety links in this series to prevent microbial and dust pollution, plays a role in food security guards.

Candy packaging there are kinks in packs, pillow-style packaging, folding and packaging. What Green candy wrapper should be designed to do? is there a suitable for all consumers of packing? the answer is that even if there is, it's too hard, after all, everyone's taste is different. The fact is, in a variety of consumer groups, packaging can cater to mainstream consumer interests for candy market development will play a very important role.

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