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Greenhouse Gases Can Make A Plastic Material

- Mar 21, 2017 -

1. this appliance specifically designed to collect raw material for manufacturing AirCarbon-cow farts (composed mainly of methane).

Founder and CEO of 2.Newlight make·helama made with AirCarbon sitting in the Chair. The plastics and petroleum based plastic durable, and cheaper.

3.AirCarbon particles can be made into any shape, instead of oil-based plastics.

3 young people create new company NewlightTechnologies discovered a method of manufacturing plastic greenhouse gases. This kind of plastic than even traditional petroleum for plastics raw materials cheaper, if spread, not only to reduce our dependence on oil, it can also encourage the capture of greenhouse gases.

When reading high school in Princeton, make·helama wrote a dissertation on agricultural subsidies, it is envisaged that rely on market-driven solutions to world hunger problems. For the ambitious entrepreneur majored in political, not too esoteric topics.

Now 33, he focused on the helama turned to climate warming, especially to find a capture greenhouse gas and turning it into products. In 2003, he and his high school classmates were jidun·qimoer in Irvine, California to create a company called NewlightTechnologies (new technology) company. After years of research, the team has found a cheap way of making plastic greenhouse gases of the plastic oil as raw material costs even more than the plastic lower. "Secret formula" bio-catalysts, which combines air and methane, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms recombine to form-AirCarbon of thermoplastics.

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