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How To Avoid Plastic Handbag Appear Crease?

- Dec 21, 2018 -

Plastic handbag is a kind of handbag that we often use. If we don't pay attention to the crease during use, then how should we avoid the crease in plastic handbag?
Plastic shopping bags are clothing used in places such as sales and services and are used to carry luggage products with a thickness of more than 0.025 mm. Foods that come into direct contact with plastic shopping bags should be real. The bodies of other plastic shopping bags are generally natural or white, or they can be other colors. Shopping plastic bags are not allowed to use bubbles, perforation, defective plastics, fish eye stiffness and other defects, should be uniform, flat, no wrinkles; The printing of plastic shopping bags should be uniform ink, pattern, free text, complete, accurate overlay.
The use of eye-catching colour for the purchase of plastic bags should not fade or fall off easily. Printing or spraying methods may be used, but should not damage the performance of plastic shopping bags; Each plastic shopping bag is usually a sign that, if any, can be added; The logo should be located in the plastic shopping bag, directly touching the plastic food shopping bag, uncomfortable or unable to recognize the plastic shopping bag, can be affixed to the outer packaging. Plastic bags also clearly indicate the manufacturer's name.
Unacceptable 90 % plastic bag color can not be used to package food black Yes. A good way to buy food, such as a deli or snack, is to put your own kitchen utensils or standard plastic bags of food. Standard Plastic Food Bags, Chinese brand on Product Bags, Product Bags, marked with factory name, website and application sample. At the same time, refrigerated, frozen foods should also use plastic packaging or refrigerated bags in refrigerators. Instead of using ordinary plastic bags instead of consumers, the following methods can be used to identify damage to plastic food bags.
In daily life, people often dispose of plastic bags, but the plastic bags used in the market for packaging polyethylene food are non-toxic, some PVC plastic bags are toxic, it should not be used to install food.
General harmless plastic bags are lattiginos, translucent or transparent colorless; Flexible, with a sense of lubrication, the surface seems to have wax, flammable flame, fire can continue to burn, no taste.

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