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Introduction Of Application Scope And Properties Of Plastic Woven Bags

- Nov 26, 2018 -

The use of plastic woven bags is often seen in life, and the scope of use is relatively wide. Packaging bags for wholesale clothing, fertilizer bags for agricultural use, flood relief materials for drought relief, and synthetic materials for the construction industry, etc.. Packaging bags are generally selected woven bag materials, because of the low cost and long service life of plastic woven bags compared to cloth bags and other materials, so they are favored by manufacturers and general consumers. What are the performance characteristics of this plastic woven bag?
1, good air permeability, suitable for those who need to heat. Wide application,
2, has a strong tensile strength and impact resistance, so it is more durable.
3, low cost, can be wholesale production, because of the wide range of application, so weaving bags are easier to sell.
4, agriculture, fisheries, industry, logistics, construction, fruits and vegetables, clothing, flood relief materials and so on can be used.
It also has chemical properties such as corrosion resistance and insect protection. Therefore, it is suitable for various solid products and powder products. It is the first choice for packaging of many chemical plants.
The general woven bag has a long service life and can be reused, which greatly reduces the purchase cost and waste of raw materials.
The woven bag made of special materials can also play the role of sun protection against ultraviolet rays. It is the only choice for outdoor high-temperature storage products.

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