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Pay Attention To These Points When Purchasing Plastic Bags

- Jul 09, 2018 -

In commercial activities, the use of plastic bags is also increasing. For example, real estate custom advertising bags, supermarket custom shopping bags, etc., then when buying plastic bags, there are many sayings, you know?
1, plastic bag tensile strength
When purchasing plastic bags, first of all, check whether the plastic bags have certain tensile properties. If the tensile strength is very poor, it will be damaged when the bag is gently pulled during use, especially when lifting heavy objects. It is more prone to deformation or handle breakage. Therefore, when purchasing, you must first pull the bag with the appropriate force. If the tensile strength is good, the quality of the bag will be guaranteed during the use.
2, whether new material production
Some plastic bags produced by inferior raw materials have heavy odors. Not only can they not be loaded with clothes, but even if they are used as garbage bags, they will not feel safe enough. Such plastic bags can't pack foods. When purchasing plastic bags, manufacturers must use them. New raw material production, otherwise custom plastic bags may have a negative impact.
3, design style
Some people say that plastic bags still need to look at the design style? Of course, you should look at it, especially if you need to choose the corresponding style according to the items you need in plastic bags. The styles are corresponding, which can ensure the packaging is more convenient and convenient. Secondly, if the handle position of the plastic bag is wider, when you carry the items There will be no serious weight bearing and it will be more comfortable.
In addition to the above three points, the packaging of different items should also pay attention to the selection of plastic bags. The plastic bags for packaging food should be white or transparent. For shopping bags, the color should be customized according to the needs. Plastic bag with strong tensile strength.

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