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Plastic Bags Work And Industry Disputes

- Mar 21, 2017 -

Plastic bags as people's everyday lives, with cheap, extremely light weight, large capacity, easy storage advantages is widely used, however, fully operational by 2008 in China plastic limit order, other retail fields are not allowed to provide free plastic shopping bags, plastic bag pushed up storm tip, becomes the main culprit of environmental pollution. Plastic bags work and, theories, has been controversial.

For a long time, plastic bags to human lives is a great convenience and low cost plastic bags, sizes, styles, are widely used in large, medium and small retail, and packed in plastic bags have become important means of marketing, plastic bag outer packing of exclusive design, will show the seller's brand image.

Plastic bags cannot decompose naturally, recycling difficult, combustible, and the release of toxic gases, heat resistance bad, easy to aging, for one-time use, environmental hazards, and are now causing serious white pollution, destroy the ecological balance, so it has been banned in some countries and production.

According to the national development and Reform Commission has announced, "plastic limit order" operation for nearly 8 years, significantly reduced use of plastic shopping bags, shopping malls and supermarkets are the most obvious reductions of around 75%. According to the Association of research estimates at current supermarket plastic bags usage reduced 2/3 calculation, reducing plastic consumption more than 270,000 tons per year, the equivalent of saving 1.6 million tons of oil. And the "plastic limit order" publish and release plastic shopping bags, and other related standards, limits of unqualified plastic bags from the source, but due to the small size of plastic bag manufacturers, plentiful, and there are lots of family workshops in production, supervision is more difficult than larger.

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