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Plastic Flexible Packaging But Not Strong Green It Is Inevitable

- Mar 21, 2017 -

At a Summit in a flexible package, China packaging Federation of plastic Board and Secretary General Chen ChangJie, Deputy Director of the Committee of experts noted that, although China is the plastic production using power, but there are big but not issues and future needs in terms of product quality and increase investment on technology.

Chen ChangJie said that plastic flexible packaging materials was a main force in the plastic packaging materials, the amount of plastic packaging materials as a whole around 45%, the application of almost all areas of the national economy, applications in the food and other household goods, and has a distinct advantage compared to other packaging materials.

Current annual production of plastic flexible packaging materials in China are estimated to have reached about 10 million tons, is plastic flexible packaging materials production in the world's most populous country.

However, Chen ChangJie said that development of plastic flexible packaging in China there are big but not issues. He said: "in terms of product quality, quality and packaging technology there is still a large gap with developed countries, China's domestic development of plastic flexible packaging also has the phenomenon of uneven development, a large number of small and medium soft does not have any formal technical personnel. ”

In view of this development, said Chen ChangJie, 45, will take appropriate measures to improve its testing capability, training, research and development efforts to promote, integrate existing resources, social services for the industry.

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