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Plastic Packaging Market Power PE Development In The Region

- Mar 21, 2017 -

PE resin is light weight, impact resistance, and has excellent corrosion resistance and flexibility of processing performance. This is one of the world's most commonly used plastic material, in the packaging, construction, automotive, electrical and a wide range of applications.

Famous consulting company MicroMarketMonitor has recently released the latest report said that as the world's largest market for PE, PE compound annual growth rate of demand in Asia Pacific for the period 2013-2018 will be 11.3%. thanks to the rapid development of high barrier film industry, markets in the region in the coming years demand for PE will be further intensified.

Market analysts predict that PE consumption compounded annual growth rate in Asia Pacific for the period 2013-2018 will be 6.5%. the report indicates that, in the application of Terminal market in packaging and construction of two large fields is to promote Asia-Pacific sound development of PE industry's main driving force. And in recent years a wide range of products consists of rigid packaging containers turn flexible packaging trends into a push up the PE market demand trends.

Countries, India, China and Japan in the Asia-Pacific region three PE production and consumption power. Among them, controls most of the Asia-Pacific region, China PE market share. At present, the packaging remains the region's largest PE applications. However, the PE market in the field of automobile production is increasing year by year.

As the world's second-largest PE market, European PE market demand growth has slowed in recent years. At present, the automotive sector is the PE terminal of the region's largest market. PE power production and consumption in Europe including Italy, France, Germany.

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