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Plastic Recycling A Good Momentum Of Development

- Mar 21, 2017 -

Beggars reuse old plastic, to make a million a month, this is definitely not fake. Due to the daily disposal of China alone has about 100,000 tons of plastic, several times around the Earth. So if the beggars understand selling different old plastic plastics recycling industry, picking up 1 ton a month, month earn a million is a conservative estimate of numbers.

Plastics recycling industry is picking up plastic money, what we call recycling plastics generally refers to the lost value after the consumption of recycled plastic products. But in fact, many old and abandoned the plastic still have their price, subject to recovery, centralized, classification, scientific and rational treatment can regenerate after value, achieving recycling. For example: result of PET plastic water bottles, recovery and scientific treatment, turn into MisfitShine sport Tracker fashion strap.

Today, our drink bottles are using recycled materials and recycled materials as much as possible, to increase the recycling of materials, conserve global resources. To recycle the plastic bottles are not only capable of solving environmental problems, but also by reducing landfill volume and reduce the impact on land.

Reach more than 30 million tons of plastic waste every year in China, if not effectively recycled, discarded, environment will bring a great deal of pressure. One day more than the earth can withstand the load. As there are some amazing scraps, there must be business opportunities will be created. Must be the saviour of old plastic plastics recycling industry, is humanity's long term business opportunities. Cao Jian, Deputy Chairman of the China plastics processing industry association, said: "both the sustainable development of the plastics industry and pressure is to reduce environmental pollution, recycling of waste plastics play a vital role.

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