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Select The Right Material For Your Waste Bags And Sacks

- Apr 28, 2017 -

1,HDPE (high density polythene) garbage can liners are a strong, thin, material that is frosted in appearance. This material has excellent tensile strength but is punctured by sharp object easier than other materials. It is ideal for use in environments where sharp corners are not a large part of the refuse going into the garbage can liner. The smaller sizes are ideal for office use. The larger sizes, which have increased thickness as compared to the smaller sizes, are great for heavy loads that don't have many sharp objects.

2,LLDPE (liner low density polythene) can liners are typically thicker than HDPE and they offer good tensile strength, but less than HDPE, as well as better puncture resistance when compared to HDPE. This material also has a softer feel than HDPE. LLDPE is also ideal for office trash cans. This material is also an economical choice for larger garbage containers with refuse that has some sharp corners but is not extremely heavy.

3,LDPE (low density polythene) material has been the standard for all plastic bags since the beginning of the plastic bag industry. It is generally thicker and softer in feel than LLDPE. It has good puncture resistance but also has less tensile strength than LLDPE. For this reason, LDPE trash can liners are usually made to be much thicker than the other types of poly material and is also usually made from recycled plastic. Because of the thickness, this material can be an excellent choice for heavy duty applications.

4,Biodegradable waste sacks: Ideal to help towards a better environment. Biodegradable waste sacks will biodegrade in your compost or in landfill.

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