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Strict Inspection System In Baekeland

- Nov 02, 2017 -

The inspection of the product in our company is very strict, every time to our inspectors bring the sample back from the factory after the test failed, such as bad tension, low brightness, printing color difference and so on. We will fight waste treatment, of course, part of the performance does not affect the use, we will use as garbage bag in the office.

Here are some examples of products because of the failure of our plastic bag.

1. This yellow t-shirt bag with printing, the customer requirements are bright colors, but the factory did a little dark, so in order to meet customer requirements, we put it as substandard products, but it does not affect the use, so our company use it as garbage bags, and the size is very appropriate.


2. This white t-shirt bag with printing, because the printing color is different from the customer's sample color, So we re-adjust the printing color to ensure customer satisfaction.At the same time we have not wasted these white t-shirt bag with printing, we use them as garbage in our office.


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