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The Advantages Of Environmental Protection Bags

- Jul 22, 2017 -

The invention of plastic bags to human life has brought great convenience, but more and more people do not know how effective use of environmental protection, leading to the globalization of plastic bags pollution.

Compared with the traditional plastic bags, environmental protection bags have the advantage:

1, the water soluble speed can be designed to choose, completely dissolved in water, non-toxic pollution;

2, strong tensile strength, good tension;

3, high transparency, good gloss;


4, high softness, good touch;

5, oil, solvent resistance is good, can be heat sealed, can be printed;

6, low air permeability, good gas barrier;

7, can be added plastic buckle or self-adhesive bags;

8, excellent anti-static performance, no dust and so on.

9, can be water, air, sun and biodegradation. Usually a month or so, you can break down into harmless substances.

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