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The Difference Between Solids And Liquids In Plastic Bottles

- Mar 21, 2017 -

We understand that the plastic bottle of the objects can be divided into solids, liquids, powders a few categories. The solid plastic bottle with liquid in the packaging features today I want to talk about is the difference between a priority.

On the characteristics of solid plastic bottle with liquid, from parts for targeted analysis. First of all, plastic bottle X-rite504 bottle, solid plastic bottle diameter is greater than that of liquid plastic bottles, because the solid product seal is relatively low, but solid products are often larger in diameter, which makes solid plastic bottle in order to facilitate the filling of the product line, the bottle must be improved. We can see that the major market of wide-mouth plastic bottles are used to wrap solid products. Conversely, liquid plastic bottle sealing performance even more demanding, as well as to drink with the convenience of filling, small plastic bottle in a liquid market will use more and more. Secondly, with regard to plastic bottle wall thickness and transparency for transparent plastic bottle with solid plastic bottle wall thickness requirement was not high. Liquid plastic bottles have higher requirements for wall thickness, liquid products, there is a certain amount of pressure, you need plastic bottle under pressure, which requires liquid plastic bottle reaches a certain thickness, so it can withstand more pressure. Liquid products on the transparency of plastic bottles are also required. Some liquid products sensitive to light, so it is necessary to pay attention to in the design.

For liquids with solid plastic bottle of the differences are focused on product details, we hope that manufacturers can be attached with treats.

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