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The Distinction Between New Materials And Recycled Materials For Plastic Backheart Bags

- Nov 13, 2018 -

The process of making plastic vest bags is first blown into thin films by plastic particles, and the most important point of plastic bags is the material particles, which directly affects the price of vest bags. But the difference between the good and bad of plastic particles is that the price of new materials is much higher than that of recycled materials, so even bags of the same size may have very different prices. The quality of the waistcoat bag is reflected in the material material, which is also a major problem for the market to control ultra-thin plastic bags. Generally, regular food chain stores and large and medium-sized supermarkets all use vest bags made of new materials, which conforms to the food safety level; The ultra-thin bags and garbage bags similar to the wholesale market are mostly processed by doped reraw materials. Their poor quality can only be used once, because their low cost is flooded and used, causing great harm.
The same plastic particles, why is the difference so great? The following is Beikelanlai's introduction to its differences.
The new raw materials of plastic bags are extracted from oil and have not been reprocessed. Their characteristics are crystal clear and free of any impurities. The physical characteristics are particularly good. The plastic vest bags made by plastic bags are flexible and elastic, and the tolerance is very strong. And there is no bad smell. Comply with food safety level. New raw materials are generally supplied through major domestic petrochemical companies or imported.
The sources of recycled materials are relatively mixed. The main sources are waste materials for the production of plastic bags, domestic waste plastics, industrial plastics, etc.. These plastic products are sorted through recycling, then cut, and high temperature melted into plastic particles. Due to the complexity and diversity of the recycled waste, the processed particles are of inferior quality and are very different from the new materials. Generally, plastic bags of this material are mostly of different colors and have no gloss, rough texture, and can not be used to package food. It has been reported that abandoned pesticide bottles have been recycled to be processed into vest bags. It can be imagined how harmful such bags are, but we are common in various wholesale markets. Therefore, whether it is a merchant or a household plastic bag, It must be noted in the choice.
Beckland has always insisted on 100 % no additions using new raw materials to make vest bags, quality witness together!

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