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The Hot Trend Of Packaging Technology

- Mar 21, 2017 -

Five large areas, but they are not independent, but closely linked to the overall. With the rapid development of technology, I believe this year will come to the fore more and more innovative and environmentally-friendly plastic packaging products.

Packaging lightweighting

Lightweight is a commonly used industry terms, used to describe by using less material, the weight of packaging practices. Plastic packaging increasingly favored lighter materials, almost every kind of plastic packaging are in appearance with structural stresses this point. Reduce the weight of packaging materials with thickness faces many challenges, lightweight packaging need to continue after the performance and functions of the original packaging, the production technology of lightweight packaging materials is a great test.

In fact, packaging weight saving can be achieved most enterprises to respond positively is not only eco-friendly but packing light enables enterprises to use less packaging materials, significant cost savings directly. So, along with the rise in raw material prices in the future, packaging weight value to enterprises has become increasingly prominent. 2016 package weight is still the largest in plastic packaging development.

Functional films

In recent years, the plastic films market momentum is strong, showed significantly higher than traditional packaging material, such as paper, cardboard, aluminum foil, the growth trend of the market. Meanwhile, packaging film thickness reduction at the same time, stronger functional, promotes the growth of this market higher. In such a fast-growing market in 2016 will have more companies invest in feature film boom, so as to speed up technological innovation to promote new products continue to emerge.

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