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The Use Of Custom Plastic Bags In Industry And Agriculture

- May 31, 2018 -

The first is that custom plastic bags can be used for packaging of industrial and agricultural products. Due to product resources and price issues, there are hundreds of billions of plastic bags in our country each year for packaging of industrial products. With the development and application of flexible plastic bags, many custom-made plastic bags have started to be used for transportation and packaging industry at sea or on land. Supplies, custom-made plastic bags are used in these product packaging. For example, the packaging of animal feed, the cover material of farms, the use of materials such as shade sheds, windbreaks, and flood control sheds for crops are inseparable from customized plastic bags.

Followed by the need for customized plastic bags in the food packaging field, such as composite bags, vacuum bags, etc. For example, many rice flour mills, flour mills and other food packaging manufacturers will use custom-made plastic bags. Commonly used products such as rice woven bags, flour woven bags and corn woven bags are custom-made plastic bags.

The third is that in the travel and transportation industry, plastic bags are often customized. For example, temporary tents, parasols, and travel bags on the travel market use custom-made plastic bags, and various cover materials for transportation and storage use customized plastic bags to replace old cotton tarpaulins, etc. material.

Since our country's reform and opening up, the relevant national industrial departments have broadened the application fields of plastic bags. These custom-made plastic bags have been used in the construction of small water conservancy, power, roads, railways, seaports, mine construction and military engineering. Custom-made plastic bags play a pivotal role in the country's key construction projects. In addition, in many places in China, flood-prevention and disaster-relief sites are indispensable for the use of custom-made plastic bags. These plastic bags can be used for construction applications such as dams, riverbanks, railways, and highways.

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