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The Use Of Degradable Plastics

- Jul 17, 2017 -

The use of degradable plastics has two main areas: First, the use of ordinary plastic fields. In these areas, the use or consumption of plastic products after the difficult to collect back harm to the environment, such as agricultural mulch and disposable plastic packaging, the second is to replace other materials in the field of plastic. The use of degradable plastics in these areas can be facilitated, such as golf courses with ball nails, tropical rainforest afforestation nursery stock. Specific application in:

1, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, plastic film, water conservation materials, nursery bowl, seedbed, rope net, pesticide and agricultural slow release materials.

2, packaging, shopping bags, garbage bags, compost bags, disposable lunch boxes, instant noodles bowl, buffer packaging materials.

3, sporting goods, golf course ball nail and ball seat

4, health supplies, women's health supplies, baby diapers, medical mattresses, disposable lasers.

5, medical materials, bandages, clips, cotton swabs with small sticks, gloves, drug release materials, as well as surgical suture and fracture fixation materials.

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