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The Use Of T-shirt Bags

- Jul 25, 2017 -

T-shirt bag, also known as horse folder bag, is a common plastic bag, because of its shape like a T-shirt, hence the name. T-shirt  bag making simple, versatile, in daily life it has become an indispensable necessity for people, also it provides a great convenience for people.


T-shirt bags use: First, supermarkets and shopping malls, generally divided into three sizes, printed with more beautiful printing patterns and text, the national chain of LOGO are required to maintain consistency, high quality requirements, while requiring environmental protection. Second, the community convenience store, the quality requirements are higher, but the use of a small number, but also printing LOGO, there are some printed no reproduction of the T-shirt bag, and some are not environmentally friendly, it is not recommended. Third, the farmers market, the basic are not used to protect the vest bag, red, black, white, but most are not environmentally friendly.

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