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What Is The Plastic Vest We Usually Use?

- May 28, 2018 -

There are two kinds of raw material for plastic vest bags commonly used in our daily life, 1: PO (ie: HDPE high density polyethylene), 2: PE (ie: LDPE low density polyethylene), and the former (PO) is used in excess. (PE).

Of course, how can I distinguish between these two raw materials?

  The PO vest bag has a low gloss and a slightly hard texture. It can be heard with a slight shaking by hand. The PE vest bag has a good gloss and a softer texture. The hand is slightly swaying and the sound is very small. Both materials are non-toxic, tasteless, and hygienic.

In addition to PE and PO, there are also degradable materials. With the attention of the country and people to environmental protection, vest bags of ordinary materials may be replaced by degradable materials.

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