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What's A Degradable Plastic Package?

- Nov 17, 2018 -

With the increasing environmental pollution, low-carbon, energy conservation and environmental protection have become the focus of global attention. In order to promote green packaging and promote packaging products in the use of abandoned, under natural conditions, rapid pollution-free complete degradation, after continuous research and innovation, degradable plastic packaging was born. On the one hand, this new plastic bag can maintain the application characteristics of general plastic bags and facilitate daily use. On the other hand, this polymer can be rapidly degraded, so it has become an important project developed by the packaging industry. Here's a look at what a degradable plastic package is.
All plastic bags that meet the National Standards GB/T21661 -2008 are called environmentally friendly plastic bags. Environmental plastic bags include recycled plastic bags and new plastic bags. In the process of producing plastic bags, plastic bags that have been added to degrade the parent material are called plastic bags. After 90 days of degradation, plastic bags can be automatically decomposed under certain conditions. Bags made of plastic film are collectively referred to as plastic bags. Our commonly used plastic bags are: convenience bags, handbag bags, flat pockets, plastic bags, horse clips and industrial bags.
The degradable plastic bag is a kind of plastic bag that can be quickly melted in the event of humidity through sunlight. Through the inspection of the National Environmental Protection product quality supervision and inspection department, all product indicators meet or exceed the quality standards stipulated by the state, and have the characteristics of hygiene, non-toxic, and pollution-free. It is currently one of the more advanced environmental protection products in China. This biodegradable plastic bag is made of non-toxic polyolefin resin and is made from raw materials such as depressants. Its advent offers hope for reducing or eliminating white pollution.
Although China has made good achievements in the research and application of degradable plastic packaging materials, there are also many deficiencies. But in today's global environmental trend, it is believed that these deficiencies will soon be overcome.

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