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What Superior Should Environmental Plastic Bags Rely On?

- Nov 24, 2018 -

Now plastic bags are basically needed to use money, which we should all know it! In our life, our products are relatively common! I wonder how well you all know about our plastic bags? What should we pay attention to about such environmentally friendly plastic bags? What should environmental plastic bags rely on?
What does the plastic bag depend on?
Be an "intelligent" environmental bag
Consumers may not be able to add all the chips to their bags, but green logistics has allowed the express industry to start experimenting with "smart" bags. This product replaces fragile disposable plastic bags, which are strong, wearable, traceable, reusable, and no longer sealed with duct tape.
To be an "innovative" environmental bag
The "environmental" properties of plastic bags can be achieved not only by reuse and substitution, but also by "degradability". This is a method that needs to change the composition of plastic bags so that they can achieve natural degradation under certain conditions. It is common to biodegrade. At present, there are also straw bags that have achieved green benefits.
Make an environmental bag with a "face value"
Take a drink shop as an example. In order to support environmental protection, a well-known hand-shake beverage shop in Taiwan first set a charge of 1 yuan for each plastic bag, and later launched an environmental protection bag with various images. As long as the correct guidance can reduce part of the plastic bag consumption. And if you want people to "love" environmental bags, innovative environmental bag design is a good idea.
Be an "emotional" environmental bag
"Start with the doll", a method that works in any field and continues to add points to the environment. Since childhood, environmental protection publicity and education have been strengthened, and green seeds for "using environmental bags" have been planted in the hearts of children. Not only that, to see children personally painted "home", "future", "vegetation" bags, but also can reject such "feelings"?

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