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Woven Bag Production Process

- Jul 24, 2017 -

1, plastic woven bags (no laminating woven bags)

Its production process is: woven cloth through the printing, cutting, sewing, become a woven bag. According to the different equipment used, can be cut after the first print, can also be printed after cutting. Automatic cutting sewing can be completed continuously printing, cutting, sewing and other processes, can also be made into a valve pocket, put the bottom bag, etc., for the plain weaving cloth can be sewn after the bag.

Plastic woven bag bag process indicators are the appearance of the size of the tolerance, seam bottom and seam to the pull force, printing ink clarity and other parts of the printing after the cleanliness, layout accuracy, stitching stitches, needle distance, and suture off pin, broken line and other requirements.


2, composite plastic woven bags

Two-in-one, three-in-one composite plastic woven bag production process is the woven cloth, coated materials and paper or film, compound or coated. It can be cut, printed, stitched, made of ordinary seam bags, can also be perforated, folding, cutting, printing, sewing, made of cement bags, get the piece of cloth, Can be in the seam bonding, printing, cutting, paste the end, made paste base bag. Can also be welded, coiled, made tarpaulin, geotextile.

The key to compound bag making is compound.

The principle of coating is to resin in the molten state on the substrate woven cloth. Only the molten resin is applied to the woven fabric and cooled immediately to obtain a two-in-one woven fabric. If the composite resin film is sandwiched between the woven fabric and the paper or plastic film, it is then cooled to obtain a three-in-one woven cloth. The flat fabric can be coated on one side of the fabric and the double- Complex, get coated tube cloth. After the coating of woven cloth can be printed, cut, stitched into a variety of bags, wide coated cloth can also be coiled as tarpaulin factory.

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