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OPP Plastic Bags

OPP Plastic Bags

Product Details

Opp Plastic Bags

Other name: clothes bag / gift bag / transparent bag / cpp bag 

Size: 20 * 30 + 4 cm

Thickness: single-sided 50 mic

Weight: about 3.15 kg/pc

Quantity: 100pcs per package

Material: OPP

100% pure new material

Made of new orientated polypropylene raw materials to make thicker design, feel smooth, fresh and no smell, suitable for any product.

opp bags 1.jpg


cpp bag.jpgSuper strong sticky
Using super stickers, sticky strong, easy to fall off to facilitate self-adhesive save time and trouble.


Pressure proof edge

Focus on the eager process, strong edge strength, super pull, the side is extremely difficult to tear.

opp cpp bag.jpg


opp sample.jpgFactory direct sales
Truly factory direct sales, eliminating the need for third-party costs, Rangli customers.


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