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T Shirt Plastic Bags

T Shirt Plastic Bags is a bag made of plastic (usually made of polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, nylon, etc.). It is an essential item in people's daily life and is often used to hold other items. It is widely used because of its low cost, extremely light weight, large capacity, and easy storage.
Commonly used food plastic bags are mostly made of polyethylene film, which is non-toxic and can be used for food. Another type of film is made of polyvinyl chloride, and polyvinyl chloride itself is not toxic, but the additives added according to the use of the film are often harmful to the human body and have certain toxicity. Therefore, such films and plastic bags made of the film are not suitable for holding food. To identify PVC plastic bags and polyethylene plastic bags, the following simple method can be used for identification.
Polyethylene film (non-toxic)
The film is milky white, translucent (especially obvious when several layers are stacked), it is more lubricious to touch, as if the surface is coated with a wax layer, it is shaken hard, the sound is brittle, it is flammable in case of fire, the flame is yellow, and there is sticky droplets when burning. And have the smell of a candle burning.
PVC film (generally toxic)
If it is not added with pigment, it is transparent. It feels sticky on the surface, it is hard to shake, the sound is low, it is not easy to burn in case of fire, it is extinguished from the flame, and the flame is green.
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