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Plastic PP Woven Bag for Sand Cement Packing

Plastic PP Woven Bag for Sand Cement Packing

It use the high-quality raw materials, It’s produce to thicken gray green according to the characteristics of the capacity; It’s high compression, high density so that it’s easy for packing

Product Details


Plastic pp woven bag for sand cement packing

100% PP, It's high compression, high density so that it's easy for packing

Name: PP grain bag / PP fertilizer bag / PP woven bag
Size: 60 * 105 cm (customizable)
Capacity: 50 kgs-150kg
Use: can be used for chemical, wheat, feed, coffee, rice, beans, sand and etc

Quantity: 1000pcs per sack
Material: PP

Non-toxic and tasteless

100% PP, Safety and environmental protection.

pp woven bags.jpg


pp carrier bag.jpgHigh grade
The use of high-quality new materials, so that the development of woven bags beautiful, more high-end.



Thick seam at the end, the use of solid thick line for the bottom of the seam. Pin uniform, greatly improving the load-bearing capacity of woven bags, sealing.

package bag.jpg


pp die cut bag.jpgHigh quality
The compact size of woven bags, the use of advanced equipment, the product density combined with compact. Raw materials using high-quality environmentally friendly materials, materials, foot color bright.


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